Your personal
Finance Director

Transforming the financial health of your business

What you get from me

  • Full finance systemisation
  • Streamlined methodologies
  • Management accounts
  • Regular and useable KPIs
  • Cashflow projections
  • Future forecasting
  • TAX planning
  • VAT analysis
  • Trends analysis
  • Up-to-date bank reconciliations
  • Up-to-date credit card reconciliations
  • Tidy up debtors/creditors
  • High commitment

What I need from you

  • Access all areas
  • Low commitment

Tailored financial support to accelerate your business

How it works

My BOLD method

  • Breakdown I dive deep under the bonnet – every step of the accounts function is scrutinised and broken down.
  • Organise After I get to know your business inside out, I develop a unique new accounts system, offering a practical and workable new method.
  • Launch The bespoke system is implemented and launched into your business, giving you maximum efficiency.
  • Deliver Monthly financial statistics will give you precise areas to focus on, enabling you to make confident business decisions – accelerating your business.

What does this all mean for you and your business?

It will stop any future guesswork on your part.

Peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your business finances has been scrutinised, overhauled and is back on track.

You’ll receive regular and easy-to-read bespoke KPIs.

Once all the hard work is complete, we’ll regularly monitor, maintain and review.


I’m a no-nonsense, calm and dedicated financial professional. I love dealing with numbers and opening clients’ eyes to what is achievable with robust finance systems in place.

My approach is to understand you as a client, your business, staff and lifestyle.

This helps me dive deep into what you need from your finances, and how they can give you the life you want.

Adapting to change

Having run a solo practice since 2010 – there isn’t much that I can’t cope with. So it’s good to know that I’ve been described as unflappable, diligent and supremely organised.

And because the world of finance is changing faster than ever, you can be reassured that I’ll be on hand to help you adapt and systemise your financial practices – transforming the financial health of your business and also revitalising how you view your finances.

It’s not all numbers

As much as I relish geeking out over client numbers, taking some time for myself is crucial – this will likely see me going to the gym, practising my yoga moves or relaxing in a coffee house.

Jackie Fuller
Your personal Finance Director